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We are Storytellers

We’ve traveled the world telling stories through every form of content... lm, documentary and television. Our work was featured at Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW. We fought for Emmy’s and Goya’s, for Lions and Clios.

And then we met VR...

It wasn’t about showcasing a story anymore. For the rst time, we could allow the viewer to STEP INTO the story. We strive to bring cinematic storytelling, lmmaking and creativity to new technologies, to make them human, friendly, approachable.

Who we are

Socially responsible people

Good: Act virtuously, especially by helping others

VR has the power to help. It is a medium that can allow viewers to relate to one another. here are too many good causes going unnoticed because they are not getting the right exposure. So for every $3 we make, we give back $1 in our currency, VR content creation. That simple. We will put our services to work for people that need to be heard the loudest.

Content Creators

Storyteller: One who tells stories

Such a simplified definition to an art form that requires the highest degree of passion, creativity, and excellence. There’s been less than 10 years of VR, about 100 years of filmmaking, and well over 1000 years of storytelling. We use all the narrative tools and develop new ones that empower usto create cinematic, engaging experiences with VR. We have, and will continue to raise the bar in bringing narrative, emotionally driven, and exceptional content to the world of VR.

VR Experts

Expert: To have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in a particular area

To tell the best stories, we must know the possibilities and limitations.  We have dedicated our time, energy, and creativity into the development of VR. We are here to help our clients navigate VR and uplift their ideas by giving them solutions both at a practical and creative level.  Our international team across three countries keeps us at the forefront of the industry, with a pulse on what the global community is craving in terms of content. With strategic production partners in Spain and Argentina, Catovia has solidified a position in the global marketplace for VR content.


Catovia strives to become one of kind in exceeding clients expectations with creative content for their brands, and developing original content that will solidify that VR as a platform for original programming.



Lucas Gath

Creative Director

Lucas Gath is a filmmaker and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has taken him to more than 80 countries shooting feature films, documentaries, Virtual Reality films, and commercials and working with Spike Jonze, Luca Guadagnino, and Lucy Walker among others.

His recent projects have been at the Sundance film festival, SXSW, Cannes, NYT, HBO, BBC, and Netflix. The crisp quality of his camera work has resulted in an extensive and diverse reel, which has yielded 14 domestic and international awards, an Emmy nomination, and a Goya Nomination.



Daniel Salcedo

Executive Producer, East Coast

Daniel Salcedo is a New York-based producer and music enthusiast. Throughout the years, he has worked in many aspects of the digital, broadcast and film media landscape, from both the client and agency side, which allowed him to ditch the suits and become his own boss. Daniel’s dream to run his own company became a reality when he founded the Elevator Video Content Studio in 2014. Since then, he’s worked on digital and broadcast projects with clients including Toyota and Pepsi, agencies such as Mediavest and Grey, and Digital and Broadcast content providers such as Vevo, Turner, and Discovery.

His passion for music led him to start two industry ventures, a trend analytics platform Trenderscope, and a music licensing company MuuseMe, which he sold for a profit in early 2016 to Industria Works, joining big names in the Latin Alternative Music industry like The LAMC and Nacional Records. But it’s not just about the big brands and numbers for Daniel. His passion for quality content has driven him to work with nonprofits like NPR and to launch “Guataca nights”, an initiative to support the arts and culture in New York City for indie artists.

Thanks to his work, he’s been invited to participate in summits and panels across the United States and Latin America, bringing his unique perspective to conferences like FIMPRO in Guadalajara, iConexion in California, NALIP (National association of Latino Independent producers), Hispanicize, NATPE and Realscreen.

Being a constant innovator, he’s now added a Virtual Reality division to his company. He’s also developing a new Original Stories division under The Elevator , through which he finds compelling narratives and brings them to the screen, all while reinforcing diversity and multiculturalism.



Fernando Ferro

Executive Producer, West Coast

Fernando Ferro is a Los Angeles based Producer and Director from Caracas, Venezuela. Fernando was a product of the industry, growing up working backstage at his father’s playhouse, studying and analyzing the medium of entrainment and art. It flowed through his veins. He began his career by producing international soap operas for the Venezuelan production company, Venevision. After becoming general producer at the age of 24, he sought after new challenges, collaborating with Native Films directing national campaigns for Yum! Brands. Fernando, a journalism student while in college, couldn’t shake his desire to bring news stories to the television screen. He created a primetime political satire commentary program for CNN en Español, which garnered him an emmy nomination, and is currently still on the air.

He then developed a travel show for the Dance Network titled “Traveling Dancer”. That was Fernando’s first taste of the general market. Always a pioneer of diversity driven content targeted for American audiences, Fernando created “La Familia Films”, which sole focus is to develop minority driven content to be distributed among all content platforms. Throughout his career, Fernando has collaborated with NBC Universal, HBO Latin America, WVE Enterprises, in creating content that establishes an emotional connection between the viewer and the medium.




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Beat Town Featuring Bomba Estereo

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The Ghost Fleet: 360 & VR

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28 noviembre, 2017


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